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Ravello ~ Home to musicians ~ a quiet and peaceful atmosphere

In the middle of a grueling day of riding in the tour car and watching the crazy driving, we arrived in Ravello. This city, located away from the ocean, looked over a terraced landscape.


Ravello was founded in the 5th century as a shelter against the barbarian invasions which marked the end of the Roman Empire. In the twelfth century Ravello had 25,000 residents but was destroyed in 1137 in an attack by the Republic of Pizza.


Historically the town has been a destination for artists, musicians, and writers. Some including Greta Garbo, Richard Wagner, Leonard Bernstein, Truman Capote and many more including Jacqueline Kennedy (oh? was she an artist? hmmm…)

Every year in the summer the Rovello music festival takes place. It began in 1953 in honor of Richard Wagner.

I found the small town and courtyard where we visited to be peaceful and quite. Compared to the other towns on the Amalfi coast few tourists populated the area. By then we had finished shopping, so we enjoyed a leisurely walk through the business/tourist area then spent the rest of the hour we were given sitting and watching the people.


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