Christine Young

I am a writer and avid reader of romances particularly historical romances. Please join me on my journey through time

Citta di Amalfi


After Rome fell Amalfi became the first to trade good between Europe and the east. During the tenth and eleventh centuries it was a trading power with a fleet that controlled the region. The tsunami of 1343 and devastating plagues left the town a humble town.

The residence today live off tourism. The large buses bringing tourists from different parts pay 50 euros per hour to park. The tourists companies have honed in on an expanding business with many more tourists to come.

Amalfi’s waterfront is the largest transport hub with cruise ships laying anchor and many other sources of income. We watched what appeared to be a wedding but weren’t sure if the bride and from were going to the cruise ship or just setting out to sea for pictures.


This beautiful cathedral is a mixture of Moorish and Byzantine design built in 1000-1300. The one thousand year old door was given to Almalfi by a wealthy local merchant who had it made in Constantinople.


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