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Sirenuse, l’isole bewitching, enticing and so seductive. PERICOLOSI!

Beginning this tour in Sorrento, we had no idea the narrow winding roads would hold so many, cars, tour buses and tour cars. The drive reinforced our decision to take a tour instead of navigating the roads ourselves. Our tour guide was a wonderful man, full of information and totally at ease during the drive which would have had me biting my nails.

We were accompanied by a a couple from Chicago and one from Minneapolis and another man who is a friend of the Minnesota  couple. All were nice people, one man reminded me of my brother-in-law and one of the women reminded me of my dear friend April.


An archipelago of little islands off the Amalfi coast of Italia. Sirenuse refers to the mythological sirens said to have lived there. They were also known as Li Galli which means the cocks which refers to the fact that the sirens originally had the body of a bird and ugly demon heads.

Li Galli: the largest is Gallo Lungo, the second one is La Castelluccia, the third is La Rotonda, a smaller one is Isca.

At this time, Gallo Lungo, has a private residence and a resort or rooms for rent at quite the cost. The other islands are uninhabited.


Hills on the other side of the road are steep and treacherous. Often one sees steps carved on the sides. Where do they go…?

During the late 13th century the Amalfi coast saw increasing attacks by pirates. To defer them a watch tower was built on Gallo Lungo around 1312.

The journey to this point was sunny and the weather was great. The prediction was for rain so we were apprehensive but hopeful. The tour was enjoyable and relaxing as we didn’t have to drive but could just visit and sightsee.

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